Nomads of Change

Let’s get people movin'


Do you wish to see the people in your organisation connected, performing and responsible?

Nomads of change works with leaders and teams in creating the space to work differently and engaged  together. To create a more productive, result-driven and fun workplace. Where the full potential of every individual can develop and thrive.

Your intention and engagement is crucial. We guide you in setting this at the level of people, process and/or strategy. And support you in growing the needed sense of identity, meaning and performance within your workforce. Ultimately, establishing a trust for the people to work in a coherent, conscious way.

It all starts with your courage to get things movin’. Are you in?




Serious gaming

Continuous improvement (LEAN)


Start with trust

the basis of all successful changes. At the right pace to full engagement and dedication

Open creative space

invite people to participate in the process of co-creatng the workplace. In a scalable  3-step approach

Sustainable development

monitoring, reflecting on lessons learned, implementing new insights and continuous evaluation


Simone Beerepoot

Organisational Nomad

Starting her career in marketing, Simone developed over the years into an experienced organisational nomad. She has an energetic, transparent and pragmatic approach to organisational dilemmas or questions in the area of people, process and/or strategy. She moves from one organisation to another. Also, within the organisations she moves around. Gaining and sharing knowledge; designing and executing interventions with impact. Guiding management and teams to create the most awesome workplaces for themselves.

‘ Work is never fun’ people tend to say. I strongly disagree. Work cán be fun, provided the workplace fits the purpose, character and capacity of the person. I believe that every person is a barrel full of potential. Potential to work more entrepreneurial and with more responsibility, if made aware and motivated. How do you get this potential to uncover? By letting each individual and team develop and by creating a workplace where selfmanagement, longterm goals and a strong identity support this. Thus, ensuring sustainable oganisational development that leads to success.’


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