Want to boost your self-wisdom?

Wise leaders and wise teams lead to wise decisions and meaningful change. Therefore, bundle the self-wisdom of yourself with your team or organization. Trust and ownership grow, focus increases and collaboration improves. This is how you prepare yourself and your people for change. Everyone moves more smoothly when they know and can use their own wisdom. Guiding you in discovering how to do that is our expertise.
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Are you coming?

Let's hit the road! Off the beaten path, we look for ways to make your desired change possible. We explore what theme needs attention. For example, you would like to see more cohesion, ownership or more participation. Or you want to start with self-organization. Together we lay the foundation for this change.

Imagine what that would be like: entrepreneurial and energetic collaboration on the common goal with all the people in your organization. With everyone in the right place with a clear role. Everyone knows their own wisdom and value to the greater whole. Work is inspired and energetic. You experience the satisfaction of working together toward the same higher goal. Let's create this together: a place where it fizzles and everything comes together in a desired outcome.

What distinguishes us is that we employ a nomadic approach. We start small, allow a group of pioneers to participate and proceed step by step. We discover and explore different directions together. We become curious about what is possible and get inspired by every movement in that direction. Along the way we co-create in energetic basecamps and games. Let us surprise you. You may find yourself working in a yurt, a bus or some other special place.

nomads of change

why customers choose us

'valuable approach'
'after intensive Bootcamps, transparency and collaboration has clearly increased'
'we really worked together as a group; from very different responsibilities'
'people are re-energized to take on their roles'
'the view that nomads of change has can be surprisingly different'

Nomadic approach

We are your guide and facilitator. A step such as you envision needs attention. It gets that attention once we are allowed to set out with you. This will not be just any journey, but a nomadic journey. Every journey starts with a bootcamp in which your question is central:
nomads of change

nomads of change  reconnaissance bootcamp

We explore in 1 day how to bundle self-wisdom and energy and what is already there in terms of self-wisdom (qualities) and more. We do this very practically: we make the exact question as clear as possible in advance, you choose who you want to work with and we pick a date and location.

nomads of change

nomads of change  route bootcamp

Together we seek more depth than in the Exploration and determine, among other things, your top self-wisdoms and work out a concrete route. The harvest of the exploration is supplemented with a complete roadmap for the follow-up. You know exactly how you are going to tackle the change.

nomads of change

nomads of change  navigation bootcamp

In 3 to 5 consecutive days we create a thoughtful prototype. This can be an experiment, service or solution. We deeply unravel your organizational question, outline different directions and test a prototype.

Is a bootcamp still a step too soon? Then explore with this nomadic compass where you stand in relation to a change like self-organization. What may still receive attention? That which you see as an image of the future, you can start creating. This compass will give you inspiration for actions in a few steps.
Have fun discovering!


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